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E-Study Quest online university study game

E-Study Quest map

E-Study Quest is a free online game that gives participants resources and information about studying an online university degree from home. It can be played at or downloaded as a smartphone or tablet app.

How it works

Participants create an avatar and interact with characters on a virtual community map. The characters give the participant a series of quests which focus on providing useful information or addressing common challenges faced by online university students. These include:

  • Accessing online systems
  • Accessing support services
  • Using local community resources
  • Handling IT-related issues
  • Addressing problems with motivation and work-life balance.

As participants solve the quests they need to balance their time, assignments and social life to have fun, get good marks and defeat challenges. They’ll learn to use local community resources and keep themselves motivated as they study from home, plus they’ll unlock arcade-style mini-games along the way. A list of real-life resources and information is offered after the conclusion of each quest, and the participant can also email this information to themselves.

Who it's for

E-Study Quest is suitable for anyone of any age interested in studying online, including adult learners and high school students in years 7-12.

Accessing the game

The game is browser-based and anyone with an internet connection can play at, and a smartphone and tablet app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

E-Study Quest was developed by Curtin University and 2and2.

E-Study Quest resources

Download the E-Study Quest poster, which can be printed in A4 or A3 size. [PDF 1.3MB]

If you'd like some E-Study Quest promotional items such as pens, flyers and posters to share with high school students or community members, please contact Curtin AHEAD at

This set of games also includes Campus Quest and Future Quest, all available at

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