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Future Quest career development game

Future Quest game map

Future Quest is a free online game that helps participants explore different career directions and gain insight into options for their future. It can be played at or downloaded as a smartphone or tablet app.

Future Quest has been designed to address an early part of the career development journey, when participants haven’t yet decided on a career direction and aren’t sure how to research and choose a career that matches their interests and skills while also upholding their values.

How it works

In the game, participants create an avatar and talk to characters on a virtual community map. Some characters ask the participant about their interest, skills and values; some offer career advice which the participant has to decide is useful or not; and some ask the participant to help them network with other characters on the map. These interactions teach participants how to source career information from real people in order to find out about their day-to-day jobs. It also shows them how valuable it is to network, and gives the participant a repertoire of methods for researching their own career. At the end of the game, the participant can email themselves a list of the interests, skills and values they’ve collected during the game. The email offers tailored suggestions for where to begin the next step of the career research process, and provides the participant with a list of useful online resources to start with.

Participants gain points depending on how many characters they speak to and how well they sort the good advice from the bad. They also unlock fun arcade-style mini-games throughout the main game.

Who it's for

Future Quest is suitable for anyone of any age interested in exploring potential career options and pathways, including adult learners and high school students in years 7-12.

Accessing the game

The game is browser-based and anyone with an internet connection can play at, and a smartphone and tablet app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Future Quest was developed by Curtin University and 2and2.

Future Quest resources

If you'd like some Future Quest promotional items such as pens, flyers and posters to share with high school students or community members, please contact Curtin AHEAD at

This set of games also includes Campus Quest and E-Study Quest, all available at

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