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Curtin University
Ethics Equity and Social Justice

Policies and Plans

Curtin University is committed to our diversity and equity principles of Right, Opportunity, Recognition and Inclusion (RORI):

Right - each member of the University community has a right to be treated with respect, equality and dignity, and to be able to participate in all aspects of University life on an equal footing.

Opportunity - the University will provide equitable opportunity for individuals to access and advance in employment and education.

Recognition - each member of the University community will be recognised and valued for their diversity. The significance of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders as the nation’s First Peoples is particularly acknowledged.

Inclusion - the local, national and global community will be reflected within the University community by attracting and retaining staff and students from a broad range of backgrounds.

These principles contained within the Diversity and Inclusion Policy are founded on Curtin’s Values and Signature Behaviours and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For detailed compliance, legislation and policy please access the Curtin Policies website.

Equity Legislation

View the State and Federal legislation that Curtin upholds in the equity space.

Equity Plans and Strategies

View the plans and strategies that support Curtin's commitment to equal opportunity.

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