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Curtin University
Ethics Equity and Social Justice

Student Equity

The Curtin University Access and Participation Plan 2018-2020 provides a strategic and operational framework to proactively address issues of student equity, inclusion and diversity. The long-term aim of the Plan is to facilitate and grow a higher education environment at Curtin University that is inclusive and supportive of students from all backgrounds.

The Plan prioritises initiatives which proactively target and progress substantive equality for people who are from low SES backgrounds, and particularly those who are: 

  1. Indigenous Australians; 
  2. Studying externally (online) or reside in/have relocated from regional communities; or 
  3. Not progressing into university directly from high school.

The Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP) is the primary source of funding for this strategy, and progress made through the application of this funding is reported to both University executive and the Commonwealth Department of Education.

Please note that confidential and restricted information, such as financials have been removed from these reports.