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Curtin University
Ethics Equity and Social Justice

Achievements in Diversity and Equity

At Curtin, we are committed to providing a workplace that is inclusive and supportive, and this is engrained within our core values: integrity, respect, courage, excellence and impact. We strive beyond legislative compliance to provide an environment in which all staff members feel respected, valued, welcomed and safe, and are proud to have been recognised externally for our achievements.

Gender and Sexual Orientation  

  • In 2017, Curtin's continuous effort towards sustaining our inclusive LGBTIQ+ workplace culture was again recognised by being awarded Silver Recognition at the 2017 Australian Workplace Equality Index, held by Pride in Diversity. The award is testament to the University's long standing commitment to providing a workplace that is inclusive and supportive, and in which all staff members feel respected, valued, welcomed and safe.
  • Curtin University's commitment to gender equality has been recognised with the University named Employer of Choice for Gender Equality in 2016 by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). the University has held WGEA's predecessor citation, the Employer of Choice for Women citation, since 2002.
  • Vice Chancellor, Professor Deborah Terry announced as Pay Equity Ambassador by WGEA. Pay Equity Ambassadors take WGEA's Pay Equity Pledge to commit to analysing talent data and taking action to ensure equal pay within their organisation. Professor Terry's pledge reflects her continued focus and commitment to achieving gender equality in the workplace.
  • In 2015 Pride and Diversity honoured the late Sally Webster, Manager Diversity and Inclusion, with the inaugural Sally Webster Award which acknowledges the outstanding contribution of allies and their role in making workplaces more inclusive.

Curtin University has been awarded silver recognition at the sell-out 2017 Australian LGBTIQ+ Inclusion Awards, held in Sydney by ACON's National not-for-profit program, Pride in Diversity, Curtin is proud to join the list of top employers for LGBTIQ+ Inclusion in Australia determined by an assessment against the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI). 

Cultural Equity and Diversity

  • The first Australian university to issue a Reconciliation Statement and to adopt a Reconciliation Action Plan
  • The first Australian university to adopt a Cross Cultural Education Policy and Implementation Plan.

Low SES Participation in Higher Education

  • Achieved the 2nd highest increase (49%) in participation by people from low SES backgrounds nationally, 2009-2011
  • Achieved University Compact Targets for low SES undergraduate and postgraduate participation
  • Equal retention rates for undergraduate low SES and non-low SES students

Government Recognition

In recognition of Curtin's significant achievements in this area, Curtin has also been awarded Commonwealth funding to:

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