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Ride AHEAD bike workshops

Ride AHEAD banner over doorway Ride AHEAD uses bike-building workshops combined with university engagement to help increase the self-efficacy of young people disengaged from mainstream education.

Adopting Dismantle Inc.'s model of using bike workshops to reach disengaged children, Curtin AHEAD and Dismantle conduct workshops with a group of 14-16 year olds who are not attending school. While the participants are taught how to build bikes, they also learn teamwork, resourcefulness and self-confidence. At the end of the workshops they also have their own bike to keep.

The workshops are delivered both on and off the Curtin campus: on-campus with Anchor Point, and off-campus with Parkerville Children and Youth Centre (PCYC).

Ride AHEAD is designed to engage and motivate participants to achieve readiness for work, training or further education. It is delivered in partnership with an Alternative Education Provider or Curriculum and Re-engagement in Education school as an embedded component of their program across 10 weeks.

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