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Curtin University
Ethics Equity and Social Justice

About Conflict Management and Equity Services

The Ethics, Equity and Social Justice, Conflict Resolution and Equity Services (CRES) team provides a high level of professional support to staff and students needing information, resources, guidance or assistance in relation to conflict management and/or equity services. 

We provide a variety of options tailored to meet the needs of our staff members, teams, divisions or students including referrals to hands-on internal mechanisms which support the management of workplace conflict and a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

We are here to assist the embedding of Our Values and Signature Behaviours including but not limited to Respect: valuing diversity and promoting equity and inclusion and Impact: work together to achieve common goals.

Embracing diversity within an organisation as large and complex as Curtin can be a challenge, and includes respecting differences in perspectives, needs and preferred ways of working. It also means that one size does not fit all and we may not always agree. Curtin recognises that conflict is desirable and inevitable for an innovative and inclusive organisation, but it must be managed in a way that respects and values all parties. It is also essential that all students and staff have equal opportunity to be their best at Curtin, regardless of their background or situation.


Liz Halsmith, Manager, CRES, Curtin University
Caroline Gopalkrishnan, Project Coordinator, EESJ, Curtin University
Ganit Poleg- Spark, Consultant, CRES, Curtin University
Lacy Gow, Mediator and Facilitator, CRES, Curtin University
Sally Jarvis, Project Administrator, CRES, Curtin University