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Curtin University
Ethics Equity and Social Justice

How we can help

We’ll work with you to identify your specific equity related needs, or the needs of your team, and to collaboratively explore ways these needs can be accommodated within the requirements of the area/course.

Our services include:

  • Providing information on how to effectively accommodate the specific needs of students or staff from equity target groups.
  • Providing assistance with the interpretation and application of equal opportunity legislation, as well as Curtin policies and procedures.
  • Providing clarification for student and staff on their rights and responsibilities and what this means for your work or study.
  • Facilitating group sessions or workshops on our rights and responsibilities under equal opportunity legislation and related Curtin policies.
  • Providing referrals to other services within and external to the University, who may be able to offer more specialised assistance.

Common situations we can assist with include accommodating:

  • Childcare or other caring responsibilities;
  • Religious practices and obligations;
  • Cultural needs; and
  • Any other issues that might prevent equal access to work or study resources.

These services may be helpful if you are:

  • Requesting or managing requests for alternative assessment arrangements.
  • Requesting or managing requests for flexible work arrangements.
  • Accommodating needs that limit a student/staff member from participating in their study/work in the standard way.
  • Developing policy or processes, and need to ensure these do not unfairly impact people from equity target groups.


We respect your privacy and any information disclosed in our service typically remains with the EESJ team. If there is a threat of harm to yourself, others or threat of damage to property or the University’s reputation, this information falls outside of our privacy protection. Any information shared is on a “need to know basis” and we endeavour to let you know prior.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.