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Curtin University
Ethics Equity and Social Justice

Sports AHEAD

High school girls playing hockeyThe AHEAD in School inter-sports competition aims to raise further education aspirations among high school students by giving them positive on-campus experiences and exposing them to university life.

A group of Year 7 and 8 school students from 14 schools who are involved with Curtin AHEAD attend the Curtin University campus for a full day. Students participate in training sessions, competitive sporting challenges and other educational activities which expose students to sport related careers.

Group of high school students on the Curtin University ovalCurrent university students act as group leaders and activity facilitators, providing potential role models for the school students. The event uses sport to break down barriers to higher education, helping to develop students’ collaborative skills via team building activities and increase positive attitudes towards education and life-long learning.

To find out more about the sports day, contact Charles Flodin, AHEAD in Schools Program Coordinator.